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Nurture Box

Nurture Box Is Coming Soon

We are working on a Nurture Box with fresh skincare delivered to your door every two months.

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Nurture your skin and the planet with skincare that’s:

Made fresh on order Fresh
Preservative free Healthy
Made with Organic Ingredients Organic
Green beauty Green

Made Fresh for You

Fresh food is better for you and fresh skincare is better for your skin.

  • Made fresh for you when you order.
  • Shelf life of one year.
  • Better for your skin.

(Refresh Mist has a six month shelf life.) Store all products in a cool dry place.

Healthy preservative free

Because we want your skin to enjoy the most healthy formulation possible, Fresk skincare contains no preservatives or laboratory made synthetics.

Fresk skincare is made fresh for you when you order. That's why Fresk products don't need preservatives, and you can enjoy the benefits of preservative free skincare.

Nutrient rich organics

Fresk skincare is made with organic ingredients.

We like to use organic ingredients beause they are grown with minimal chemicals in nutrient rich soil, resulting in more nurtient rich skincare.

Fresk is Green Beauty

The term 'Natural Skincare' is used by many brands that contain synthetics, preservatives or ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful with prolonged use.

How can a person identify a truly authentic, natural skincare brand?

  • Pure: Source the purest ingredients possible, so the product works well.
  • Healthy: Using ingredients that are non-toxic and healthy.
  • Transparent: Full disclosure on all ingredients. Handmade from base ingredients.
  • Environmental: Protecting the Earth's resources, plants and animals.

Fresk skincare is 'Green beauty'.

Customer Testimonials

Here’s what our customers say about Fresk:



"I have been using Fresk skincare for almost one year. I have been using skincare since I have be 11 yrs old and am now 51. I cannot tell you how effective this moisturizer is. It is formulated specifically for ones skin type and/or condition whether you are gluten free, allergies etc. My skin has never looked so good, and the compliments keep coming my way!!" more...
Pamela Hallinan


"Wow! This serum is the best I have ever tried. I love it and will order it forever. My face is so soft and feels better than it ever has. I didn’t think it would recover this quickly but using the serum and fresk moisturiser has healed my skin after the chemo and radiotherapy. more...
Renata Danko
Body Butter

Body Butter

"I have found this body butter to be particularly helpful for making the skin on my feet and toes look lovely and smooth. Of course I use it all over and particularly where there is sun damage but in summer I like my feet to look good when I wear sandals. I am so happy with this product!" more...
Cleanser Balm

Cleanser Balm

"Both cleansing and hydrating. Love this product! My skin feels so soft afterwards. It's also an effective and gentle way to remove makeup." more...
Samantha Ward

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