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About Us

We are an Australian-owned Ecommerce bespoke handmade skin care business that specialises in Australian native fragrance. We use pure, high quality essential oils sourced from Australian farms that practice organic farming and who use no harmful chemicals on their farms.

Why Fresk?

We’re passionate about skin health and living a healthy life style.

The Team

We are a family owned business run by a husband and wife team.

Fresk founder with husband and two kids


We are driven by a desire to live a meaningful life through nurturing our self, others and the planet. We do this through our commitment to produce the most natural and fresh skincare products possible, by making fresh on order.

Brand Values:


We believe that relationships thrive through honesty and transparency. Our commitment to you is to be honest, open, clear and consistent in our communication. So you know who we are and what we stand for.

All product ingredients are listed on label – what you see is what you get. Our labeling practice is in accordance with the internationally recognised International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) standard for ingredients.

Made Fresh

Your products are freshly made to order and not sitting in the shelf waiting to be purchased. Fresh quality ingredients is vital for your health and wellbeing and so is freshly made skincare.

High Standards

Healthy living begins with a wholistic approach: eating well, keeping active physically and mentally and putting premium quality healthy products on your skin. It’s our priority to ensure your skin is lovingly cared for.

We are conscious of protecting your largest organ both from the inside and outside and that’s why we source ingredients directly from reputable farms in Australia, where possible. Many of the ingredients are food grade quality and both edible and great for your skin.

If you value what goes into your skincare products, our standards make it easy for you because if it doesn’t meet our standards then we won’t include it in our products.

Questions We Ask On Your Behalf

We want you to have confidence and peace of mind knowing that we’ve asked these hard questions on your behalf such as:

  • What growing practices do you use?
  • What’s your ethos?
  • Are your product/s certified organic?
  • Can you provide a certificate of analysis (COA) for each of your ingredients?
  • What sprays/pesticides/herbicides do you use?
  • What other chemicals (if any) do you use on your farms?
  • What kind of pest control measures do you use?
  • What kind of soil do you use?
  • Do you use GMO seeds?
  • Where is your farm located? Can I visit your farm?

We Care About Your Skin Health

We use our own products! The products are freshly made with premium ingredients, so you can have amazing skin without harming your health, skin or the planet.

Support Aussie Farmers

Every product you buy from Fresk goes towards supporting Australian farmers, who are often family owned. We source ingredients direct from Australian farms so you can put safe, fresh and premium products that nurture your skin, while feeling good for being kind to yourself and the planet.

Protect Our Planet

We strive to keep our carbon footprint small and minimise waste. Here’s how we are nurturing and keeping our planet healthy:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We reduce waste by using glass jars and bottles, recyclable plastic lids and paper packaging. We do not use product boxes because it leads to increased waste and pollutes our planet.

We reuse and recycle our packaging materials as much as possible including our glass containers. We use recycled paper wherever possible.

Clean and Green

Our commitment to you:

Made fresh on order Fresh
Preservative free Healthy
Made with Organic Ingredients Organic
Green beauty Green

Made Fresh for You

Fresh food is better for you and fresh skincare is better for your skin.

  • Made fresh for you when you order.
  • Shelf life of one year.
  • Better for your skin.

(Refresh Mist has a six month shelf life.) Store all products in a cool dry place.

Healthy preservative free

Because we want your skin to enjoy the most healthy formulation possible, Fresk skincare contains no preservatives or laboratory made synthetics.

Fresk skincare is made fresh for you when you order. That's why Fresk products don't need preservatives, and you can enjoy the benefits of preservative free skincare.

Nutrient rich organics

Fresk skincare is made with organic ingredients.

We like to use organic ingredients beause they are grown with minimal chemicals in nutrient rich soil, resulting in more nurtient rich skincare.

Fresk is Green Beauty

The term 'Natural Skincare' is used by many brands that contain synthetics, preservatives or ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful with prolonged use.

How can a person identify a truly authentic, natural skincare brand?

  • Pure: Source the purest ingredients possible, so the product works well.
  • Healthy: Using ingredients that are non-toxic and healthy.
  • Transparent: Full disclosure on all ingredients. Handmade from base ingredients.
  • Environmental: Protecting the Earth's resources, plants and animals.

Fresk skincare is 'Green beauty'.


  • Handmade in Australia
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% plant-based and natural
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Non-GMO

Less is More

Fresk skincare is different because of what we don't put in our products. Our products are made using cosmetic butters, carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils. That’s it!

Many skincare brands use water (aqua) or aloe vera juice or demineralized water as their highest content ingredient. That’s why it’s listed first in their product ingredients label.

When products are made with premium ingredients they produce great results for your skin - you don’t need a long list of ingredients. That’s why less is more.

Love Nature & Healthy Living

Nature has the power to heal. If you love nature and prefer healthy living you will love the ingredients in Fresk products. At Fresk we love and respect nature. It delights us to be amongst it.

How It Began

This short film explains why I am so passionate about healthy skincare and why I want every person to know ‘You Are Enough’.

You are enough. To learn why click play.

Canberra short film festival official selection 2019