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About Fresk Skincare

We believe every person should have access to healthy and clean skincare. That is why Fresk skincare doesn’t use harmful and toxic ingredients; so you don’t have to absorb them into your skin.

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Teang Pao. I live in Canberra Australia with my husband and two children. I decided to make home-made natural skincare for my family and friends. The feedback I received encouraged me to extend the benefit to everyone through Fresk.

Fresk founder with husband and two kids

Our Vision


To encourage comfort and confidence in one’s own skin, by promoting healthy and better looking skin to all in Australia’s dry climate.


To this end, we make skincare that uses quality ingredients: derived 100% from plants with no preservatives, no harmful chemicals; that is nourishing, gentle and long lasting; with very low chance of reactions; resulting in skin that looks and feels good.

Natural Ingredients

Most commercial skincare products contain preservatives, harmful chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. All Fresk products are free from harmful preservatives and artificial ingredients. See products for a full listing of ingredients.

Fresk skincare contains high quality natural and organic ingredients.

Fresk workshop learn to make skincare

Healthy Living

We believe in a wholistic approach to health. Health comes from both inside and outside. Inside through good food, hydration and exercise. Outside through positive environmental factors, such as sensible sun exposure (hat and sunscreen) and the protection of your skin through skincare. Custom-made Fresk products support healthy habits, provide lush skin rejuvenation and hydration.