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Skin Assessment

Question 1 of 27

Do you get blackheads or whiteheads?

Question 2 of 27

Do you consider your face skin to be:

Question 3 of 27

Without moisturiser does your face skin feel tight?

Question 4 of 27

Does skincare or sunscreen make your skin red, itch or react?

Question 5 of 27

Does bubble bath or body oils make your skin react or itch?

Question 6 of 27

Does hotel soap make your skin red or itch?

Question 7 of 27

Does your face look shiny in photographs?

Question 8 of 27

Does your face look red in photos?

Question 9 of 27

In a dry environment without moisturiser, does the skin on your face:

Question 10 of 27

Do soaps that foam easily make your face skin feel:

Question 11 of 27

What is your skin colour without a tan?

Question 12 of 27

After exercise, stress or anger, does your face go red?

Question 13 of 27

Do you see broken blood vessels on your face?

Question 14 of 27

Do you get red bumps on your face?

Question 15 of 27

How often do you exercise?

Question 16 of 27

How often do you get stressed?

Question 17 of 27

Do you feel like you are making a contributing to others?

Question 18 of 27

How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?

Question 19 of 27

Are you sensitive to glutin (eg in wheat, oats)?

Question 20 of 27

How often do you get acne?

Question 21 of 27

Do you get eczema?

Question 22 of 27

Does your mothers face look

Question 23 of 27

Does your fathers face look

Question 24 of 27

How old do you look?

Question 25 of 27

Do you smoke?

Question 26 of 27

Do you have wrinkles on your face?

Question 27 of 27

How old are you?

Question 27 of 27

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  • Your body thrives on hydration: drink a glass of filtered water.
  • Your skin is positively influenced by fresh air and exercise: take a 10 minute walk.

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