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Healthy Ingredients to Nurture Your Skin

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You get healthy skincare, so you do not have to put harmful substances on your skin.

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Fresk is Green Beauty

The term 'Natural Skincare' is used by many brands that contain synthetics, preservatives or ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful with prolonged use.

How can a person identify a truly authentic, natural skincare brand?

Fresk skincare is 'Green beauty' because it is

  • Pure: Source the purest ingredients possible, so the product works well.
  • Healthy: Using ingredients that are non-toxic and healthy.
  • Transparent: Full disclosure on all ingredients. Handmade from base ingredients.
  • Environmental: Protecting the Earth's resources, plants and animals.


Read the reviews on the individual product pages to see what customers are saying about Fresk Skincare.

Shipping $6 flat fee

There is a $6 flat fee for all products.*

We ship anywhere in Australia. We do not ship internationally. Fresk skincare is made specially for Australia's dry climate.

Allow 3 business days to dispatch - the product is being made fresh for you. You will receive your product in the number of days it takes Australia Post to deliver to your postcode via standard delivery.

*Except for lip balm which is $2 shipping.

Made Fresh for You

Fresh food is better for you and fresh skincare is better for your skin. Fresk is made fresh for you when you order (or in small batches for markets).

It has a shelf life of one year, except Mist which has a shelf life of six months. Store in a cool dry place.