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Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare

4 Reasons to Choose Vegan Skincare

Everywhere you look, veganism is catching on. Some estimate that by the end of 2030 nearly 20% of us will be dietary vegans. But it's not just your diet that can benefit from veganism. Your skin can benefit too.

1. No Animal By-products

Vegan skincare products are made without the use of any animal ingredients or any by-products of an animal. So not only will vegan skincare not contain a cow but it also won't contain its milk.

2. Cruelty-Free

Most vegan products are cruelty-free by default. However not all cruelty-free products are vegan. Many 'cruelty-free' products commonly contain honey, milk and lanolin. It's important to press a little harder and examine the ingredients of a cruelty-free product before deciding that is vegan.

3. Nourishing

Natural ingredients are nourishing for the skin and are often high in anti-oxidants which battle the effects of ageing.

4. Non-Toxic

Your skin is not a very good barrier and it absorbs a lot of the products that are applied on the surface of the body. 60% of products are, on average, absorbed into the body. Vegan ingredients are generally 100% non-toxic. Nobody ever died from ingesting a carrot. Animal products however are regularly involved in health scares.

Honey may be nice but its sugar and sugar's not good for you. What about Milk? Lactose intolerance is present in nearly 70% of the human population. Seven out of ten people don't deal well with cow's milk.

Animals tend to have concentrated amounts of pollutants in the environment. The further up the food chain something is, the more it eats, the more pollutants it absorbs and the more it puts those out in milk, honey, and other animal by-products.

That's why vegan skincare is becoming sought after; because it contains no animal by-products, is cruelty free, nourishing for your skin and non-toxic.


I hope these insights on the benefits of vegan skincare help you in your quest for good looking and healthy skin.

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