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What big skincare companies are not telling you about their ingredients

I was frustrated and disappointed as I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. My face was dry and flaky again.

I thought to myself "Why isn't this expensive skincare helping my skin?"

Why Is This Still Happening?

It was 6 months ago that I landed this great job. In this job I wanted to look professional: dress well, use make up and fit into the team.

But my confidence was being affected by my dry and flaky skin.

With this job I could afford to buy really good skincare.

I went to the department store and brought home some expensive 'natural' skincare in an amazing looking box. It was exciting to think "I'm using a great product. It's going to fix my problems."

Here I was using this expensive skincare, but it still left me with dry and flaky skin. This had been going on for weeks. It was making me feel self-conscious about how I looked.

Starting to Investigate

I started looking at the ingredients in this skincare. What was I putting on my skin? What are they for, what are they meant to do?

I started to dig deeper and discovered there were all sorts of chemicals in this 'natural' skincare: preservatives, synthetics, emulsifiers and microbe retardants. They are designed to extend the shelf life of the product and change the texture, look and smell of the cream.

These ingredients weren't there to help my skin! What's even more alarming is that with repeated use these ingredients can actually harm my skin!

Finding a New Way

That led me on a journey to find a new way of helping my skin. I researched what ingredients actually benefit the skin. I learned that the quality of the ingredients, where they're sourced from and the environment in which they're grown is very important.

This made me realise what I wanted to do, and that is to make the most natural, fresh skincare I could, without all the harmful chemicals and works for dry and flaky skin.

What Big Companies Are Not Telling You

Everybody's talking about natural skincare, aren't they? We all know that natural is good for us. But what few people understand is where ingredients are sourced and how they are grown makes a huge difference.

If you've been using skincare and it hasn't worked, you're not to blame. What these skincare companies are not telling you is they put most of their money into expensive looking packaging, models and advertising. But they use low cost ingredients to increase profits.

Fresh Ingredients Makes All the Difference

A huge feeling of relief and excitement started to flow through me. I realised that if I wanted healthy skin, I would have to use fresh and high quality ingredients that would heal and nourish my dry skin without harming it.

Imagine you eat a meal with ingredients that's been in the fridge for over a week and you cook it with cheap oils. You don't feel good, right? It's not fresh.

But when you eat fresh food from the farmers market, cooked with healthy oils, your body feels energised, doesn't it? You feel good.

It's the same with skincare. You've got to use fresh, healthy ingredients and that makes all the difference to your skin.

Time for a Change

I felt so excited by this new discovery. I put together a plan to source fresh, high quality ingredients. I made the cream fresh for myself. After a few weeks of using it, my skin felt good and looked healthy. The dryness and flakiness was gone.

I gave my cream to others, and they experienced the same thing. It improved their skin and their confidence. Here's what people said:

"My face is so soft and feels better than it ever has. I didn't think it would recover this quickly but using the serum and Fresk moisturiser has healed my skin."
"I used to have very small lumps under my skin. Now it's all gone."
"My skin has never looked so good, and the compliments keep coming my way!!"

A New Me

Now my skin looks healthy, nourished and hydrated and there's no dryness or flakiness.

But it's not just the way my skin feels that I am happy about. What I realised is that I don't have to put on make-up to cover up my skin. I feel comfortable to go out with a natural look and no make-up.

My skin is not perfect, but it is healthy. I realised the most important thing is to be at ease with myself. Once I accepted myself for who I am, I felt more comfortable and confident with others.

I don't need to just 'fit in'. Now I can share with others that it's okay to be not perfect. You can be confident in being yourself, knowing you're doing the best you can for your health and your skin.

The New You

Are you giving your skin the best chance to be healthy and nourished without doing harm? Is it time to change to freshly made skincare with healthy ingredients?

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