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Your Inner Voice

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Listen to your inner voice for guidance.

Have you ever had to dig deep to overcome a challenge? It helps to listen to your inner voice for guidance.


Sometimes we are faced with a challenge that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. This can occur when we find ourselves in an unfamiliar situation or when the unexpected happens.

"Recently, I was feeling snowed under. Fresk had been nominated for two awards. I had 20 days to submit 5000 words for the award applications. But the next day I was hit with the flu and was bed ridden for 14 days. This left me 6 days to write 2 applications."
"I felt overwhelmed: this was my first attempt at writing an award application, and the unexpected illness left me with very little time."

Push Through or Let it Go?

Should we push through or let it go? There is no right answer. It depends:

  1. How important is it to you?
  2. What is the impact of not doing it?
  3. What are you prepared to do for it?
"As I was sitting with a pillow supporting my now sore back writing the applications, my mind started finding reasons to give up. "You're sick, there's always next year". I asked myself how important is this to me?"
"A voice inside me urged me to keep going; something within me was unwilling to let it go. The end result? The applications were submitted on time. What a relief to get it done!"

Ask For Support

Many of us find it difficult to ask for help because we don't want to bother people. But the ability to ask for support is a strength. It requires you to recognize your vulnerability and have the courage to seek assistance.

"In my second week of being sick I knew I needed help. I needed someone who was not close to the business to help me review the applications."
"I reached out to an associate who was delighted to help and it has brought us closer."

Inner Strength

During challenging times, draw on your inner strength to carry you through. Each of us has a reservoir of courage, determination and perseverance that we can access when we really need it.

"To meet the application deadline I had to draw on my inner strength."

Award Finalist

Fresk is Micro Business of the Year Finalist

We've made the shortlist! An email arrived informing us that we are finalists for Micro Business of the Year. We're so excited. The winner is announced on 7 November.

Remember to nurture you. Listen to your inner voice. When faced with an overwhelming challenge, see it through or let it go.

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