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What is Green Beauty Skincare?

Green beauty

Good for the environment. Healthy for your skin.

Green Beauty Stamp

One of the 4 stamps displayed in the Shop page is the Green Beauty stamp. What is the definition of Green Beauty? And what can you expect from Green Beauty Skincare from Fresk? Read on to find out.

The Meaning of Green Beauty

According to long-term green beauty advocates like Sarita Coren and Kristen Arnett, green beauty is defined as follows:

  1. A movement - making an effort to ensure that the ingredients sourced are pure, clean and safe to use.
  2. Environmentally friendly - making a commitment to look after our earth and the environment so the resources are not harmed.
  3. A lifestyle choice - choosing consciously to avoid or eliminate harsh or harmful chemicals to your health and the environment.
  4. A community - like-minded people committed to sharing and educating others to be more mindful of their choices in skincare
  5. Organic - using mainly organic ingredients in skincare products

Unfortunately, the term 'Natural Skincare' and 'Organic' are used by many brands that contain synthetics, preservatives or ingredients that have been shown to be potentially harmful with prolonged use.

How can you make sure your skincare is going to be healthy for your skin?

Fresk is Green Beauty

Fresk aims to be good to the environment and healthy on your skin. That is why we:

Fresk is a Green Beauty business. You can identify a Green Beauty business by these features:

  1. Pure: sourcing the purest ingredients possible from nature in the form of botanical (plant) oils, butters, natural resins like frankincense.
  2. Environmental: To protect Earth's resources and to allow for reuse and to reduce waste, Fresk uses glass containers and recycled boxes, where possible. We source a lot of our ingredients from Australian suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We are against human and animal exploitation, so all of our products are vegan.
  3. Healthy & Clean: All Fresk ingredients are natural and healthy and are not linked to hormone disruption, cancer or deforestation.
  4. Commitment: to ethical formulating, innovation, and growth.
  5. Organic: Fresk products contain organic ingredients, wherever possible.
  6. Transparent: full disclosure of all ingredients.

Why Join the Green Beauty Movement?

When you are in contact with Fresk Skincare you are partnering in the green beauty movement and using a skincare brand that is:

Pure | Cruelty-free | Healthy | Clean | Safe | Vegan | Organic

How to Avoid Being Misled

The key to safeguard yourself from clever marketing is simply by reading the ingredients list and educating yourself so that you can make informed choices. There are many brands or products out in the market that used the term 'pure' or 'natural' on their labeling, but once you read the ingredients you will discover that their claim to being natural is far from the truth. You must carefully examine the ingredients especially when it contains the word perfume or fragrance. In our article on Preservatives to Avoid on Your Skin, we outlined why these terms can be used to mask many potentially toxic chemicals.

As an informed consumer you can properly evaluate claims that a product is clean and natural. It will be easy to identify a product that is safer, cleaner, healthier and greener. Take a look at what green beauty ingredients look like on www.fresk.com.au - check out the ingredients in Fresk hand cream. Join the green beauty movement and your skin will thank you for it.

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