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You Are Enough film selected for short film festival

Be at ease with both your strengths and your weaknesses.

Is it possible to be at ease with both your strengths and your weaknesses?

Get Inspired

Can problems we face be an inspiration to lead to a better life?

"My husband wanted to learn dragon boat racing - so went to try it out. As he helped carry the boat to shore he felt pain in his back. That one small incident was the beginning of a chronic back pain – which he was to live with for the rest of his life."
"He tried all sorts of remedies: physiotherapy, yoga, stretching but none of it eliminated the pain. Finally he stumbled on Pilates by accident and started attending. Not only did it repair the back pain, he found the exercise regime kept him feeling strong, agile and at ease with his body. Without the back problem he never would have discovered the benefits of the Pilates routine."


  1. We learn more from our challenges and failures then we do from our successes.
  2. The key is to face the problem, embrace it and accept it. Make a plan, move through it, and come out the other end wiser and more at ease with yourself.

Know You Are Enough

Accepting you own weaknesses is the key to know you are enough.

"A friend of mine is soft and gentle. Their strengths and weaknesses are flip sides of this characteristic. They are able to calm those around them – that is their strength. However they are not very good at motivating people to do new or unfamiliar things – his weakness. He could potentially feel like he is 'not good enough' in this area. But by accepting his own nature he actually feels at ease with himself."


  1. Be at ease with yourself – accept who you are.
  2. Acknowledge your strengths and weakness – sometimes they are flip sides of the same coin.
  3. Nurture yourself: take care of your wellbeing and your body.
  4. You are then better equipped to nurture others.
  5. Then you can help improve the world around you just a little.

Spread the You Are Enough Message

If you can accept the strengths and weaknesses in others, it helps them to know 'They Are Enough'.

"The other day I was backing out of my driveway quickly to take the kids to school – I was late. An unfamiliar car came speeding along my street. The driver threw their hands up and looked at me in annoyance – worried I would not stop."
"Initially I was annoyed at their 'over-reaction'. Then I realised, they are a P-plater. They are still learning some of the situations that can occur on the road. Their weakness is their inexperience. I accepted that. Then I relaxed. I did not beep my horn angrily but drove on with a smile."


  1. First, accept your own strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Encourage the strengths you recognise in others, and downplay the significance of their weaknesses.
  3. This will help others to feel they are enough, the way they are.

Fresk Shares the Message

canberra short film festival official selection

The You Are Enough film has been selected for screening in the Canberra Film Festival. We had to compete with over 380 films from around the world. We submitted this film to spread the word and to show appreciation to our film director Michael Hanson on the beautiful message he helped us create.

We are delighted that Canberra Film Festival has decided to screen the film on the opening night: 7 September 2019 at Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

Thank you to those that attended and supported the 'you are enough' message.

You Are Enough Film Screening

Problems can challenge us to find a better way. If we can overcome the problem we feel stronger and better equipped to accept ourselves and those around us.

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