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Dry Sensitve Skin

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Celebrate! It's time to fix dry and sensitive skin.

When you have dry and sensitive skin it is a double whammy. Dry skin indicates that your skin needs moisture. However your sensitive skin reacts to many skincare products.

Your skin is calling out:

"Hydrate My Skin! Please Be Gentle."

About Your Skin

So what does dry and sensitve actually mean?

Because of this you may experience:

The #1 Risk to Dry Sensitive Skin

Here's why you are not getting the best result for your skin:

  1. The skincare you are using is made from low grade or mass produced ingredients.
  2. The product is not made fresh and can be sitting on the shelf under bright lights for long periods of time until bought.
  3. Skin irritants such as fragrance and preservatives are in your product.

Secret to Better Looking Skin

Just as fresh food is better for your body, skincare made from fresh ingredients is better for your skin.

The secret to better looking skin is to switch to skincare that's:

  1. Made Fresh.
  2. Contains nutrients from premium natural sources.
  3. Free from preservatives and other harmful ingredients.

Remember, fresh is best!

Your Ideal Routine

If your skin is dry and sensitive, you are going to experience optimal results when your skincare routine includes the following products:

Cleanser: to clear away impurities


Fresk cleanser balm cleanses your skin without removing your natural oils. It frees the skin of dead surface cells, makeup, excess oil and bacteria that has accumulated during the day and sits on your skin. It opens up your pores allowing you to receive the full benefit of serums and moisturisers.

Serum: for concentrated nutrients


Fresk serum is nutrient rich and full of active ingredients which penetrates the deeper layers of your skin. It is a boost of hydration that keeps your skin nourished for longer.

Fresk Serum is particularly effective at targeting dry or aging skin.

Moisturiser: to protect & nourish


Fresk moisturiser forms a barrier between the skin and environmental conditions, helping to form a protective layer that enables the skin to retain the moisture it requires.

From Dry to Nourished

Fresk skincare is made fresh for you, using premium ingredients and free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. It is cruelty free, vegan and organic.

By using these products in the correct order, you will:

Click here to get started with your ideal routine with freshly made products from Fresk.

Try This Routine

Moving to Smaller Jar Sizes

Fresk is making some changes to our product sizes. One of our core values is 'fresh is best'. To provide you with the freshest possible product, we are standardising on regular jar sizes and removing large jar sizes. You can still order large size jars up until Sunday 14 June 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope it will help you to have healthy nourished skin.

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