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Getting Dry Hands

Washing hands

Frequent washing can dry out your hands

Recently, I looked down at my hands and was shocked to realise that they're the driest they've ever been.

Our world has gone crazy and we are repeatedly washing our hands all day long. I'm always telling my kids "wash your hands thoroughly". Now my kids tell me that I need to wash my hands for as long as it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice.

Dry Hands

We all want to do our part to maintain good hygiene, but my hands are paying the price. And now they cry out to be nourished and hydrated.

Going Through the Soap

I make my own hand liquid soap. I am fussy about what I put on my hands; preferring chemical free and packed with nourishing ingredients. Normally the bottle I make lasts a month. But now we go through one a week. Even with all the hand washing, that's surprising!

I tagged along behind my kids to see how much they are using. A lot! I never though I would have to police my kids from using too much soap.

Keeping Hydrated

Now that we are house bound, we're drinking plenty of water and herbal tea to stay calm and hydrated. That's all well and good but we're also going to the bathroom more frequently. And that means even more hand washing. My hands have never been so clean AND dry!

Treating Dry Hands

Fortunately I have Fresk Hand Cream to keep my hands well nourished and hydrated. It has a rich concentrate of premium healthy ingredients, so only a small amount is needed each time. It has really helped keep my hands smooth and silky.

Soft Moisturised Hands

If your hands are needing some care, let me know.

Unfortunately, it's taking longer to get our ingredients due to border control. Good news is I have some on hand to make a limited amount. But that will run out soon. Please order now if you want some!


By the way, it's a multi-purpose cream. The ingredients are gentle enough to put on your face and body.

I must go now as I can hear my kids singing "Happy Birthday" too many times. :-)

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