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Let's be Comfortable and
Confident in Our

Our Promise to You

You get skincare that is nourishing, gentle and long lasting, with very low chance of reactions, so you feel good and look good.

100% Natural Natural
Preservative free Healthy
Vegan Vegan
Made with Organic Ingredients Organic

Naturally better ingredients

All the ingredients in Fresk skincare are from natural sources: from plants or clay. We give full disclosure and list all ingredients used.

We source the purest, most healthy ingredients possible. Healthy ingredients for healthy skin.

Healthy preservative free

Because we want your skin to enjoy the most healthy formulation possible, Fresk skincare contains no preservatives or laboratory made synthetics.

Fresk skincare is made fresh for you when you order. That's why Fresk products don't need preservatives, and you can enjoy the benefits of preservative free skincare.

Vegan friendly

We love animals. All our skincare is vegan.

No ingredients are derived from animals or animal byproducts. Fresk products are not tested on animals.

Nutrient rich organics

Fresk skincare is made with organic ingredients.

We like to use organic ingredients beause they are grown with minimal chemicals in nutrient rich soil, resulting in more nurtient rich skincare.

Your Benefits

Fresk products
Benefit from healthy ingredients that last all day

Skin that looks and feels good because of:

Hydration that lasts all day

Your skin will feel hydrated all day long, with one application of Fresk skincare. That’s because Fresk contains no water. Have you ever rinsed yourself with water only to feel drier than before? Water evaporates easily, taking away valuable moisture. Instead we use ingredients such as organic shea butter to provide deep skin hydration and to protect from moisture loss.

Judy used a well known water-based skincare but her skin became dry and flaky by mid-afternoon. Judy turned to Fresk skincare and was comforted and appreciative that one application kept her skin from getting dry and flaky for the whole day.

Low chance of reactions

Have you ever used skincare that caused you discomfort, irritation or inflammation? Most skincare contains a lot of ingredients and so has a higher chance of causing irritation or inflammation, especially in sensitive skin. Less is more! Fresk skincare contains only a small number of ingredients that deliver results. Fresk moisturiser contains 13 ingredients. Fresk serum contains 11 ingredients. How many ingredients are in the product you are using? And is it easy to understand what they are and what their function is?

Jessie recently spent the night at a friend’s house and forgot to take her Fresk skincare. Her skin was feeling very dry so she borrowed her friend’s sensitive moisturiser and her skin reacted almost immediately. Jessie has had no reactions to Fresk skincare at all and has been delighted and impressed with how well it works with her skin.

Clearer complexion

Have you ever applied a skincare product and broken out in pimples, red rashes or irritation? Ingredients in them such as linseed oil may be blocking your pores. Instead we use ingredients that minimises the blocking of pores, such as organic safflower oil and organic argan oil which helps break down blackheads and does not clog pores. It also helps to reduce conditions such as inflammation, pimples and eczema. Diet and hormones are significant factors affecting these conditions, so eat food that's good for your skin type. Accompany that with Fresk skincare products to get a clearer and healthier complexion.

Debbie was using a natural skincare and was breaking out in stubborn blackheads and pimples. She needed to apply makeup to cover them up. Debbie started using Fresk cleanser and moisturiser and the pimples receded. That gave her the confidence to be free of makeup and to enjoy her natural look.

Why Better Skin?

Fresk hand cream for better skin
Keep skin soft and elastic to speed natural healing

Better ingredients gives better skin. Fresk ingredients treat you better because they are:


Nutrients improve your skin. Fresk skincare includes nutrient rich ingredients that benefit your skin:
• Vitamin E. An antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of scars and premature aging. Fresk skincare uses the most natural and active we can find - derived directly from 100% sunflower seeds and contains all the beneficial components found in their natural state. It is non-GMO, contains no corn or soy and is considered non-allergenic.
• Essential oils, not just extracts. Extracts are made by mixing with water or alcohol, like tea, to extract the plant properties. Essential oil is more nutrient rich because it’s made by squeezing out the plant properties, like freshly made orange juice. Fresk uses only 100% pure essential oil, not diluted with cheaper oils, to make sure you get the maximum benefit of the plant.
• Green and White Tea Infusion. High in antioxidants that fights free radicals and keeps skin looking firmer and more radiant.

Kate loves to work in her organic vegetable garden, but accidently cut herself with a saw. The wound kept re-opening and wouldn’t heal, hampering her from doing what she loved. Kate started applying Fresk Hand Cream which kept her skin nourished and supple, and within 2 weeks the wounds had closed. Four months later with application of the cream, the hand had completely healed allowing her to fully enjoy her gardening once more.

See photos of Kate's hand sent to us. We don't claim any therapeutic benefits: this is one persons experience and you may experience different results.


Skin is our largest organ so treating it gently is vitally important. Your skin will not be absorbing any harmful or toxic chemicals as our products do not contain preservative or synthetics. These ingredients are common causes of irritation. Fresk skincare uses ingredients that are gentle on the skin with a low comedogenic rating such as organic safflower oil and organic argan oil - to minimise clogged pores that result in inflammation, blackheads and pimples.

Long lasting

You only need to use a small amount of Fresk skincare on your skin, so the contents of your jar will last a long time.

Also the application of the product will last a long time on your skin. Why? It is a concentrate that contains only nutrient rich ingredients and no water. Water evaporates easily leaving your skin dry. Rather than paying for water (and packaging), invest in concentrated quality ingredients such as our organic unrefined shea butter, organic essential oils, mango butter and sweet almond butter that lasts longer in your skin.

Unique Features

Fresh looking skin
Skincare that's made fresh for you

Fresk is the only skincare company to produce a unique blend of high quality ingredients that is:

Freshly made

Fresh food is better for you and similarly, fresh skincare is better for your skin. Fresk is made fresh for you when you order (or in small batches for markets). It has a shelf life of one year. Please store in a cool dry place.

Sue was satisfied with her regular skincare, and believed it to be all natural. When she found it contained preservatives she switched to Fresk. Her hairdresser on her next visit commented “What have you done to your skin? You look younger.” She was comforted that with Fresk skincare she not only felt better, but looked better too.


Because Fresk uses no water, it is a concentrate of nutrient rich ingredients (such as sweet almond virgin oil which absorbs quickly and soothes dry, itchy or sensitive skin). A little goes a long way, and the jar lasts much longer than other water (or aloe vera juice) based skincare.


Interested in deeper hydration and clearer complexion? Fermented skincare is gaining popularity overseas. That's because the ingredients are nutrient rich and less likely to irritate. That means fermented skincare is especially suitable for sensitive skin. The fermented camellia oil in our fermented serum contains oleic acid to help keep skin soft, supple and radiant. Fresk is one of the few Australian skincare companies to offer fermented skincare.

Australian native

Your skin will benefit from Australian ingredients, due to Australia's nutrient rich soils, fresh air and stringent quality controls. The organic sandalwood essential oil in our fermented serum can aid mental clarity, and is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The organic tea tree essential oil in our cleanser oil and serum helps to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses, and is helpful for acne prone or oily skin.